Ongoing Nutrition Coaching

Moving into your Maintenance Phase, stay accountable with monthly visits to the Nutrition Coach.


Quick Body Comp Scan

A quick scan of 3 different body areas to determine your overall body fat percentage and muscle quality.


Private Training

One on one time to work with you on your specific goals.


Customized Nutrition Package

This 4 week nutrition package is intended for individuals who want a more specific plan to target their goals: weight loss, weight gain, or to improve performance in their sport.


30 Minute Skill Session

Book 30 minutes to work on a specific skill one on one with a coach!


Deluxe Customized Nutrition Package

This 6 week nutrition package is intended for individuals who want a more specific plan to target their goals, but also feel they need additional accountability and the support of a caring professional throughout their transformation.


Foundations (Private)

If you've already registered for a Private Foundations Session, you can pick your class time here!

Recursive Reboot Initial Consult

60 Minute Consultation at the gym for a Quick Body Comp Scan (muscle quality and body fat %) and review of Nutrition 101 Packet with Sample Meal Plans.

No Sweat Intro

Your first visit with us will be about 20 minutes long. We’ll introduce you to our staff and take a tour our facility. Then we’ll sit down and talk.

28 Day Challenge Initial Consult

Your 28 Day Challenge begins with a 60 minute Initial Consultation at the gym.

Nutrition Intro Session

Not sure which Nutrition Program is best for you? Schedule a 10 minute appointment to talk about your goals. We'll help you decide what program will best help you get there.

Full Body Composition Scan

A full scan of 24 different areas on your body to give you detailed information of body fat percentage and muscle quality.


Starter Nutrition Package

This is our Nutrition 101 and is intended for individuals who just want an easy, general outline of what to eat that will produce great results.


60 Minute Skill Session

Take some time one on one with a Coach to work on whatever goats you have.


Next Steps Meeting

20 Meeting Meeting for Recursive's 6 Week Challenge Graduates.

Goal Setting Meeting

Take some time to make SMART Goals - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-Based.